Tuesday, 21 October 2014

One pot, Lazy mans Fried Rice

Hmmmmm, omo making fried rice can be such a hassle, but I have found an easier way of doing it rather than frying, wasting pots and wasting time... Lol.. Inspired by my Grandma *shoutout* (star tag.. Lol)


  • Rice 
  • Frozen Vegetables
  • Knorr stock cubes (naija style o)
  • Curry powder
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Thyme
  • Garlic 
  • And all other seasonings you like

  • Start by boiling your rice
  • You can par-boil the rice (usually advisable to remove excess starch). So put just a bit of water after removing excess starch
  • Then add Oil, all your Seasonings, Mixed Veg, Prawns, maybe some crab sticks or chicken breast and mix well
  • Bring it to the boil on low to medium heat and watch it turn to fried rice with less emphasis on frying.. Lol... 
  • Serve once to your satisfaction

  • Par-boil rice 

    Add Oil & Seasonings

    Add Mixed Veg and stir

    Then Add Prawns or whatever you like

    These are my handy dandy seasonings

    Once all combined it should have some colour and smell good :D

    Once cooked, get to serving 

    And there it is, One pot, lazy mans fried rice 

    Another viewing angle.. Lol 

    Yours Truly,
    Your friendly neighbourhood Ladia 

    The Best Sauce Ever.... Well as far as I know

    Just had to rant about this sauce because it is the most wonderful sauce ever, the one and only Maggi Chilli Sauce with Garlic... It is absolutely wonderful, they have it in Morrisons as far as I know. They also have the sauce without garlic. So for those of you who don't like garlic, they have just the plain chilli sauce.

    This is the wonderful picture of the wonderful sauce (just can't get enough of the wonderful into it.. Lol).

    Please Please try it, it really is awesome... You can use it in your sandwiches, wraps, even in stew (omo I do o, sometimes...Lol)

    And here it is......

    Yours Truly,
    Your friendly neighbourhood Ladia

    Monkey Nuts so to speak

    Okay so I have been absent for a while due to skool work and other shenanigans, but its all good now, so the reciparathon continues :D...

    I absolutely love Monkey Nuts, but just the natural ones rather than the roasted ones (which is horrible by the way but may be nice for u guys). As I was eating them one day, it dawned on me that these things can be boiled, so i set out to the kitchen and got my stuvins ready for boiling.

    All you need is a pot and boiling water (u could add sugar if u like to give it some sweetness, but it is already sweet. I don't add any sugar) and your monkey nuts.

    Let the cookarathon begin.


    • Pot 
    • Boiling water
    • Monkey nuts 
    • Sugar (optional)

  • Get cold water from the tap and then bring to the boil (thats the way i prefer it rather than using boiled water from the kettle)
  • This is where you also add sugar so it boils with the water 
  • Then add your Monkey Nuts 
  • Let it boil on medium to high heat for 30 mins (stirring constantly) and depending on how soft you want them, keep boiling or stop after 30 to 45 mins. 
  • Let them cool so as to allow them dry and serve 

  • Morissons Monkey Nuts 

    Boiling water

    After boiling for 30 mins
    Add monkey nuts to boiling water
    Adding a little more water after 30min

    Finished Product
    Yours truly,
    Your friendly neighbourhood Ladia 

    Sunday, 27 July 2014

    Banana Pancakes...

    My favourite pancakes are Banana Pancakes... They are absolutely mouth watering...

    So to begin this fun & delicious recipe, the ingredients required are:

    • Self raising flour  533g (gives it the oomph it needs, but you could use plain flour but it'll be really thin)
    • Sugar (granulated and as much as you like)
    • 1 Egg (I'm not a fan of eggs so i only use one no matter the quantity of pancakes)
    • Semi skimmed milk
    • 2 Bananas (really ripe ones) 
    • Cinnamon 
    • Nutmeg 
    • Vanilla Flavouring 
    • Cooking oil
    I know some people like to measure but I'm not a fan as I said before, so just make it according to what you think will be enough :)

    So Cooking time: 

    1. Pour the self raising flour into a nice round bowl and add sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. 
    2. Mix it all together and you should be able to smell the cinnamon and nutmeg in the flour mixture. 
    3. Make a hole in the middle of the flour and break the egg and add milk until you get a nice thick consistency like the picture below. 
    4. Mix together until you get a nice thick consistency (don't add too much milk otherwise it'll become flat)
    5. Then add the Vanilla flavouring to the mixture 
    6. And then squeeze the bananas through your fingers (like mash potatoes). But I mashed mine up with a fork days ago and put it in the fridge so the bananas didn't go to waste. 
    7. And mix well. 
    8. Then add a bit of oil to the pan and heat up and begin the wonderful process of frying pancakes. 
    9. The pancakes will have holes in them indicating they are ready to be flipped.
    533g of Flour 
    Cinnamon & Nutmeg

    Break Egg in middle 

    Mixture Consistency

    Semi skimmed milk
    Heat oil 

    Add Vanilla Flouring 

    Add banana while oil is heating up
    Final mixture 

    8 pancakes

    Pancake is ready to be flipped

    Hope these pictures and the methods are clear enough... Enjoy Lovelies 

    Yours truly, 
    Your friendly neighbourhood Ladia..

    Saturday, 26 July 2014

    The Cooking Begins.... Egg Sauce

    The Easiest thing to do is the Egg Sauce.... Super easy, quick and most especially goes with almost anything (well within a reasonable parameter... Lol)...

    So first off, Ingredients required: I don't really measure, I usually just cook and most times I cook the right amount... But if you really need measurements, Ill be happy to provide some :D

    Chopped Tomatoes & Onions

    • Tomatoes 
    • Onions 
    • Eggs 
    • Rodo (Scotch Bonnet) (I prefer suya pepper, you could get that in Tesco)
    • Seasonings (Knorr, Paprika, White and Black Pepper and any other seasonings you like)
    • Cooking Oil
    1. Dice the tomatoes and Onions (any shape and size you want)
    2. Cook the tomatoes and onions until most of the water is dried up
    3. Then add the oil to the mixture and fry for a bit to give the tomatoes and onions some taste 
    4. This is now the time to add all your seasonings and taste before adding the eggs, make sure the amount of seasoning is enough to go round the eggs.
    5. Break the eggs into the mixture and stir continuously so it becomes scrambled
    6. Make sure eggs are properly cooked before serving 

    End Result

    Thats all there is to it really... So I hope everyone will try it and hopefully I haven't missed out anything.. But if I have please don't hesitate to let me know... 

    And when next I cook, Ill take detailed pictures of every step so its a lot easier to cook... 


    Yours truly, your friendly neighbourhood Ladia ;)
    Your friendly neighbourhood Ladia :)

    On to the next 1.....

    So as for the nickname Ladia, that came about in my final years in secondary school abroad... Most times I think people had difficulty in pronouncing my name so one of my friends' came up with Ladia and then all of a sudden most people started calling me Ladia. I even started calling myself Ladia, keeping up with the trend... Lol...

    Ladia has a nice ring to it, so decided to keep it... Nothing fancy about how it came about, it just did. But im glad it did....

    This post is very short but just wanted to share Ladia's nickname...

    Yours truly, your friendly neighbourhood Ladia

    Thursday, 24 July 2014

    Intentions for my Blog....

    • Egg Sauce 
    • Fried Rice
    • Moi Moi 

    It is going to be full of Nom Noms.. A whole load of it... Some of the stuff I've made and Restaurant reviews... Giving you all the juicy details about FOOD!!!!

    I'm a serious Foodie, thats probably why I can't get the weight off, but work in progress....

    Its so EXCITING

    More to come :) (recipes will also be provided, upon request)

    Love Love Love Ladia :D